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Forms & Fees

DC Registration, Payment Options & Tuition Rates

DC Registration Fee for 1 Student: $25.00

Registration Fee and completed registration form must be submitted to the office upon enrolling to secure students position in class.

Family Registration Discount

Registration for each additional child in a family is discounted to $10.00 each.

Tuition Payment Options

1. You can choose to pay your tuition Monthly.  Monthly tuition is due at the first class of each month. See rates below.

Family Monthly Discount

Dancers Corner offers 10% off monthly tuition for each ADDITIONAL child that enrolls!

*note August and September are lumped into 1 monthly payment, as there is only one full week of classes in August!

Monthly Tuition Rates

Little Stars Preschool $50.00/mo
1 Class Per Week $55.00/mo
2 Classes Per Week $100.00/mo
3 Classes Per Week $150.00/mo

4 Classes Per Week

5 Classes Per Week





2. You can choose the "Pay ahead" plan, which allows you to pay your tuition in 2"lump" payments!  Each payment covers 4 1/2 months of classes, and includes a 5% discount (Discount shown in the rates listed below)! "Pay Ahead" fees must be paid within the dates indicated below in order for the discount to apply.

Family Pay ahead discount

Dancers Corner offers an additional 5% discount off of one "Pay Ahead" rate per additional child; listed rate for 1st student, additional 5% off that rate for each additional student.

"Pay Ahead" Tuition Rates:

Little Stars Preschool 2 Payments of $213.75
1 Class Per Week 2 Payments of $235.13
2 Classes Per Week 2 Payments of $427.50
3 Classes Per Week 2 Payments of $641.25
4 Classes Per Week 2 Payments of $855.00

   5 Classes Per Week                                                                                                       2 Payments of $1068.75

    UNLIMITED CLASSES                                                                                                     2 Payments of $1239.75


*First Payment due the week of Aug.24 Pays Aug/Sept - Mid. Jan.
Second Payment due the week of Jan.16th pays mid. Jan-May

*Dancers Corner does not offer refunds- this includes any semester or monthly tuition, registration, and recital related fees including costumes and deposits.   

*The "dance year" runs similar to a school year
classes run from the week of August 24 - May

Also, please download the Registration form:

Microsoft Office document icon Dancers Corner Fall Registration Form