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Lil Stars Pre-school Dance Classes

Preschool classes at DC introduce children to Basic fundamentals in Ballet and Tap, while also encouraging them to use their wonderful creativity through dance and movement. With fun music, inspiring and loving teachers, small class sizes, and even some fun “tumbling time” on the Mat, this is a class your little one is sure to love!

Little Stars Preschool - Ages 3-4

10:30-11:15MondayStudio 1ASara Phillips
1:00-1:45MondayStudio 1ASara Phillips
6:00-6:45MondayStudio 2Jerrica Anderson
10:30-11:15TuesdayStudio 1ASara Phillips
1:00-1:45TuesdayStudio 1ASara Phillips
5:15-6:00TuesdayStudio 2Sara Phillips
10:30-11:15WednesdayStudio 1ASara Phillips
1:00-1:45WednesdayStudio 1ASara Phillips
6:00-6:45WednesdayStudio 2Jerrica Anderson
10:30-11:15ThursdayStudio 1AJerrica Anderson
1:00-1:45ThursdayStudio 1AJerrica Anderson

* If one of the above times does not work please either view our company classes or call the studio to inquire