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KAR 2017 Results!







Here is how we shaped up!

(in order of performance)

*Occasionally, In the process of keeping up with awards announcements, we miss some things. If you see something that we have missed or if we recorded something incorrectly feel free to click "reply to all" and share! *


*there were over 554 routines performed at this event, and so much talent present! To see so many DC routines with overall high scores and awarded with special recognition is absolutely incredible! DC CO, you represented! What an awesome kick off to your season! We are so proud of you! Keep up the good work! LOVES!*


General placement/high scores/overall scores


"Primadonna Girl” elite top 1st and 3rd overall secondary junior solo!

Joy” elite top 1st and 6th overall secondary junior solo!

“Nobody elite top 1st

Friend Like Me- elite top 1st and 1st overall secondary junior solo!

Shine- elite top 1st and 7th overall secondary junior solo!

"The Light That Never Fails” top 1st and 13th overall teen solo!


"Where are You Now” elite top 1st and 10th overall teen solo!

Landslide- Olivia Rucinski top 1st

"Gotta Work” 1st

"Cold Hearted Snake” top 1st

"Being Myself" top 1st

“Dress” top 1st

"Islands” top 1st

"Willow” elite top 1st and 3rd overall teen solo! 

"I Want You” top 1st

“Prettiest” top 1st

"Oye” elite top 1st and 5th overall teen trio! 

"Right Hand Man” elite top 1st and 9the overall junior solo!


“King” elite top 1st and 5th overall junior solo!

"Proud Mary” elite top 1st 7th overall junior solo!

"Me Too” elite top 1st and 6th overall junior solo!

"Let the Beat Hit Em” elite top 1st and  3rd overalll junior solo!

"Peas and Rice”elite top first and 1st overall junior trio!

 “Forget About the Boy elite top 1st and 2nd over all junior trio!

“Night” elite top 1st and 3rd overall junior trio!

"Leaving Song” elite top 1st 






"Which Witch” elite top 1st and Most entertaining elite number!

"Find A Way” top 1st

"Flowers in Your Hair” top 1st 

"Crippled Bird” elite top 1st and 2nd overall junior small group! 

"Break Away” elite top first and and 2nd overall senior large group!

"Blackbird” elite top 1st and 1st overall senior large group!

"Go Off o Dem” elite top 1st 3rd overall senior large group!

"Wild Party” elite top 1st 

"Lazy River” top 1st 

"Cryin Wolf” elite top first

"Misguided Ghosts” elite top 1st





"Party People" elite top 1st and 1st overall Junior Line! 

“Telluride” elite top first and 1st overall senior small group!

"This Bitter Earth” top 1st

"Run Run” elite top 1st and 3rd overall junior large group!

“Kiss” top 1st 

"On The Run” top 1st 

"Thoroughly Modern Millie” top 1st 

"Gotcha” elite top 1st 

"Off to the Races” top 1st 

"Save Me” top 1st 

"Black Cat” top 1st

"Can't Rely On You” top 1st 

"Canned Heat” top 1st 

"Be a Man”top 1st 

"Heart of the Matter” top 1st 

"Hot Note” top 1st 

"Mama Makes Three” top 1st 

"Tessalate” top 1st 

"Over My Head” top 1st 

"Dancing in The Dark” elite top 1st and 15th overall senior soloist! 

“8896” top 1st

“Tapestry” top 1st

"You Kill Me” top 1st 

"Black Lake” top 1st 

"When It's All Over” elite top 1st and 11th overall senior soloist! 

"Rescue My Heart" top 1st 

"Waiting Game" elite top first and 4th place overall senior soloist! 

"Who Will Comfort Me" elite top 1st

"Black Water Lilies” elite top 1st and 8th place overall senior soloist! 

"Do You” elite top 1st and 14th overall senior soloist!

"Breathe Out” elite top 1st, 1st overall senior soloist and Australia dance invitation! 

"Final Song" elite top 1st and 9th overall senior soloist!

"My Eyes” elite top 1st

"Say You Love Me” top 1st

“Recovery” elie top 1st and 3rd 

"Over Soon” top 1st 

"Behind The Lock” elite top 1st and 5th place overall!

"I Put a Spell On You” top 1st

“Tonight” elite top 1st and 3rd overall 

“Outside Digging” top 1st

“Breathe” top 1st and 8th overall senior duet/trio

"Don't Let Me Go"  top 1st and 9th overall senior duet/trio!

"Talking to The Moon" elite top 1st and 7th overall senior duet/trio!

"Things Are Happening" elite top 1st and 1st over senior duet/trio!

"Little House" top 1st and 6th overall soloist! 



"Zero To Hero" elite top 1st and 1st overall duet/trio!

"New York" elite top first and 3rd overall! 

“Dream" elite top 1st and 5th place overall small group! 

"Wah Do Wah" top 1st  

Hollywood Dance Experience

"Light A Fire" top 1st 

"What You Came For” top 1st  

"Easy Love" 1st 

"Sax" elite top 1st and 3rd overall large group!  

"Le Jazz Hot” top 1st 

"Under Stars” top 1st

"Open Waters top 1st 

"Another Level- elite top 1st

"Fix You” 1st

"Over The Love” 1st

"Don't Forget About Me” 1st





special awards/recognition/ Studio Honors


Judges awards:

“artistry in motion" award- "Leaving Song"

“Most Entertaining” -“Which Witch"

“Fame on the way" award- “Wild Party"

“superstar quality" award- “Run Run"

“Cute and Clean" award- “New York"


Title finalists:

Junior Miss

6th runner up- Jersey Lee

5th runner up- Hailey Bradley 

Miss Teen dance 1st runner up- Sophie Reynolds

Miss Teen Dance 5th runner up-Emma Jane Zaher

Miss Teen Dance 6th runner up- Ava Batson

Miss Dance 3rd runner up- Megan Turnquist

Miss Dance 4th runner up- Reagan Dawsey

Miss Dance 5th runner up- Katie Bowman

Miss Dance 6th runner up- Liddy Madeline


Most Entertaining Awards:

“Which Witch"



These awards are selected from the Groups and Lines, ages 12 & up, in the Elite level only based on the performances with the highest overall total points in each category.


Best Lyrical/Modern Performance- “Telluride"

Best Tap Performance- “Lazy River"

Best Hip Hop Performance- “Go Off On Dem"

Best Musical Theater Performance- “Blackbird”

Best Jazz Performance- “ Break Away"

Lux Dance Conventions Scholarship-" Break Away"



Hollywood Dance Invitational:


KAR presents a NEW invite-only event for dancers who would like to explore the endless career opportunities on the West Coast. The Hollywood Dance Invitational will provide dancers the opportunity to take master classes and immerse into the commercial dance, film, and television industry in Los Angeles. The event is an exciting and innovative way for dancers to connect with and learn from some of the most renowned professionals in the industry. Master teachers and choreographers are carefully selected based on their ability to work with dancers of all ages and dance experience. Their expertise will raise each dancer's overall onstage performance and allow for a continued development throughout their dance training. Dancers are given the opportunity to Discover the magical world of performance opportunities with Disney and Experience an audition like no other! The group will learn and rehearse choreography from a live Disney production. A Disney show director and choreographer will provide valuable advice on how to land jobs as professional dancers. The workshop concludes with a final performance that is recorded and reviewed by Disney professionals!


The following DC dancers were invited to this event!


Genna Cunningham,Reagan Dawsey and Camille Eastin for their performances in “Spell On You"

The Minis for their performances in “Wah Do Wah"

Jersey Lee for her performance in “King"


NYC Dance Experience


"All Star" Dancers who exhibit exceptional talent and showmanship are selected to travel to New York City for 6 days to tour the city, see a Broadway show, take classes at Broadway Dance Center and More!


The Following DC dancers/ casts were invited to this event!


the cast of “Lazy River "

the cast of “Telluride “

the cast of “This Bitter Earth"

the cast of “What You Came For"

the cast of “Easy Love “

the cast of “Le Jazz Hot”

the cast of "Oye"

the cast of "Things Are Happening"

Ava Batson with "The Light That Never Fails"



All- Star Soloists:

Melina Phillips and Jenna Nightingale







This scholarship is presented to one outstanding soloist(s) in the Primary, Secondary, Intermediate, and Elite levels. Each winner receives a full tuition scholarship to attend any of the 2016 KAR Dance Conventions. 


DC dancer Madi Lynch received this scholarship for the elite level! She was selected out of over 75 senior (elite) soloists!





 A Top Studio Award will be presented to the studio with the most Elite Top First place awards and Top First place awards in the  PRIMARY, SECONDARY, INTERMEDIATE and ELITE levels




LOVES to ALL! Parents, Thank you for enduring this long and fantastic weekend with your dancers! Your support means everything to your dancer and to us!