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Here is how we shaped up!
(in order of performance)
General placement/high overall scores
*Diamond score- 285-300 points
*Platinum Score- 270-284 points
*High Gold Score- 256-269 points
*Gold Score- 238-250 points
*Silver Score- 237-200 points
18 "Strange Bird" Chloe Wood 1st place in category- Platinum
26 "PYT"-  Kenzie Robertson 1st Place in category- Platinum
28 "Salute"- Alexis McGuire 1st Place in category- Platinum
34 "Kooza Dance"- Bella Salter 3rd Place in category-  Platinum
41 "Taught Me Dancin'"-  Catalina Norton 1st Place in category- Platinum
47 "Baddest Girl in Town"- Molly Wilbourne 2nd Place in category -Platinum
48 "Escapade"-  Nicole Alves 1st Place in category- Platinum
52 "Leave My Body"- Emma Jane Zaher 1st Place in category- High Gold
40 "Everywhere I Go"- Isabel Clark 3rd in category -Diamond 
65 "Wild Horses"- Ava Batson 4th Place in category- Platinum
66 "Chasing the Sun"- Mckenzie Neal 5th Place in category- Platinum
73 "Put the Gun Down"- Macie Gibson 2nd Place in category- Platinum
99 "Dare"- Emily, Kylie, & Molly 1st Place in category- Platinum
101 "Three Friends"- Kenzie, Catalina,& Hailey 1st Place in category- Platinum
105 "Bills"- Sophie, Nicole,& Molly 1st Place in category -Platinum
115 "Heart's on Fire"-1st Place in category- Platinum
122 "Hallelujah"- 1st Place in category -Diamond
149 "Stuff Like That There"- 1st Place in category- Platinum
162 "Storm"- 1st Place in category -Platinum
166 "Cheetah Sistas"- 1st Place in category- Platinum
167 "Who's Watching"- 2nd Place in category- High Gold
168 "Last Day of School"- 1st Place in category- Platinum
173 "Tiki Girls"-1st Place in category- Platinum
174 "Fallin Like Rain"- 1st Place in category -High Gold
182 "Saturday Night"- 2nd Place in category- High Gold
219 "Stick"- Genna Cunningham 2nd Place Platinum
221 "Delirious"- Hallie Walters 3rd Place in category- Platinum
222 "Blind As I Am"- Cailey Campbell 2nd Place in category- Platinum 
223 "Walk Away"- Camille Eastin 1st Place in category -Diamond
224 "Shades of Grey"- Melina Phillips 3rd Place in category- Platinum 
226 "Take Me Back"- MeganTurnquist 2nd Place in category- Platinum 
227 "Let Me Follow" Jack Beaule 1st Place in category - Platinum 
228 "Runaway"- Rachel Bierly 1st Place in category- Diamond 
233 "Call For You"- Karmen Ibarra 3rd Place in category- Platinum 
234 "You'll Never Be Alone"- Leah Wade 4th Place in category- Platinum
235 "Say Goodbye"- Rachel Spitzmiller 3rd Place in category- Platinum 
240 "Pocketbook"-  Ellie Tharpe 5th Place in category - High Gold
241 "Gotta Get Thru This"- Genna Cunningham  2nd Place in category - Platinum 
245 "Wonder Woman"- Miranda McAlister 1st Place in category- Platinum
246 "I Got It"- Ivy Ledford 2nd Place in category- Platinum
247 "Come With Me"- Leah Wade 4th Place in category- Platinum 
248 "Knocked Out"- Rachel Spitzmiller 3rd Place in category - Platinum
250 "Run"- Asia Clark 1st Place in category- Platinum
258 "Holland"- Miranda McAlister  2nd Place in category- Platinum 
265 "Hunger"- Cailey Campbell 2nd Place in category- Diamond
267 "Gotta Have It"- Megan Turnquist 4th Place in category- Platinum
268 " Souls Like the Wheels"- Jack Beaule 1st Place in category- Diamond
269 "Mine"- Lucy Ranson 3rd Place in category- Platinum
270 "My Court"- Olivia Hopkins 2nd Place in category- Platinum 
281 "Pass That Dutch"- Ivy Ledford 4th Place in category - Platinum 
300 "Coffins"-  Jules Duterte 2nd Place in category- High Gold
305 "Hey Now"- Katherine Lopata 3rd Place in category- High Gold
306 "Before I Sleep"- Molly Claxton 4th Place in category- High Gold
309 "Smother"- Madison Lynch 1st Place in category- Diamond
310 "Holes in My Coffin"- Trinity Parrish 2nd Place in category- Platinum 
311 "You Should Know"- Maggie Drake 3rd Place in category- High Gold
314 "Our Own House"- Ellie Frazier 1st Place in category- High Gold
317 "If I Go"- Kaitlyn Hall 4th Place in category- Platinum 
318 "Feet On The Ground"- Reagan Dawsey 3rd Place in category- Platinum 
328 "Look at Me"- Liddy Madeline 2nd Place in category-Platinum
329 "Sort Of"- Savannah McGuire 1st Place in category- Platinum
330 "If I Fall"- Rachel Hudson 3rd Place in category- High Gold
338 "Tilt Ya Head Back"-McKenna Greene 1st Place in category- Diamond 
355 "Lost"- Hallie,Maggie,Trinity 3rd Place in category-Platinum 
356 "Night Call"- Genna,Reagan,Camille 1st Place in category- Platinum 
358 "When I am Away"- Hailey & Jack 1st Place in category-Diamond
359 "Let Me Go"- Megan, Leah, Lucy 4th Place in category-Platinum 
363 "Red Dust"- Hailey, Jack, Rachel 2nd Place in category-Diamond 
364 "Iron"- Karmen,Leah,Olivia 1st Place in category-Platinum 
365 "Me and You"- Megan,Miranda,Ivy 1st Place in category-Platinum 
372 "Lanterns Lit"- Melina,Liddy,Molly 1st Place in category-Platinum 
374 "Just One of Those Things" Ivy,Miranda,Rachel 1st Place in category- Platinum  
377 "When Your Feet Don't Touch the Ground"- Rachel,Cailey,Hailey 1st Place in category-Diamond 
380 "Warm Enough"- Ivy,Karmen,Olivia 1st Place in category- Platinum 
388 "Let It Go"1st Place in category- Platinum 
396 "The High Road" 2nd Place in category- Platinum 
397 "Your Day Will Come" 4th Place in category- Platinum 
402 "Watch Over Us" 2nd Place in category- Diamond
403 "In This World" 1st Place in category- Diamond
409 "Break The Cycle" 1st Place in category-Platinum 
432 "Woman" 1st Place in category-Platinum
441 "Smash The Place" 1st Place in category-Platinum 
442 "Shades of Cool" 1st Place in category-Platinum
450 "Sing Sing Sing" 1st Place in category-Platinum
453 "Never Met a Wolf" 1st Place in category-Diamond
456 "Speed of Light" 1st Place in category-Platinum
461 "24K" 1st Place in category-Diamond
466 "Say My Name" 3rd Place in category-Platinum 
467 "Eleanor Rigby" 2nd Place in category-Platinum
472 "Is It Scary" 2nd Place in category-Platinum
There were over 475 entries at Encore! DC came away with some incredible scores!
7th overall highest scoring competitive junior soloist- "PYT"  Kenzie Robertson
6th overall highest scoring competitive junior soloist- "Salute" Alexis McGuire
5th overall highest scoring competitive junior soloist-"Taught Me Dancin" Catalina Norton
10th overall highest scoring elite junior soloist- "Put The Gun Down" Maci Gibson
8th overall highest scoring elite junior soloist- "Wild Horses" Ava Batson
5th overall highest scoring elite junior soloist- "Everywhere I Go" Isabel Clark
2nd overall highest scoring teen soloist- McKenna Greene
5th overall highest scoring teen soloist - Madison Lynch
9th overall highest scoring teen soloist - Trinity Parrish
3rd overall highest scoring senior soloist-  Camille Eastin 
5th overall highest scoring senior soloist -Rachel Bierly
10th overall highest scoring senior soloist- Asia Clark
1st  overall highest scoring senior super soloist-Jack Beaule
3rd overall highest scoring senior super soloist - Cailey Campbell
6th overall highest scoring senior super soloist -Genna Cunningham
7th overall highest scoring senior super soloist- Megan Turnquist
 4th overall highest scoring junior trio -Three Friends
 3rd overall highest scoring junior trio -Bills
 2nd overall highest scoring junior trio-Dare
1st overall highest scoring junior small group -Hallelujah
5th  overall highest scoring junior small group-Hearts On Fire
1st overall highest scoring petite large group-Cheetah Sisters
1st overall highest scoring junior large group- Storm
5th overall highest scoring junior large group - Last Day Of School
5th overall highest scoring junior super group-Fallin Like The Rain
2nd overall highest scoring elite teen trio- Night Call- Camille, Reagan, Genna
5th overall highest scoring elite teen trio Lost - Hallie,Trinity, Maggie
1st  overall highest scoring senior duet/trio -When I'm Away- Jack & Hailey
2nd overall highest scoring senior duet/trio- Red Dust -Jack, Hailey, Rachel
3rd overall highest scoring senior duet/trio- When Your Feet Don't Touch The Ground- Cailey,Hailey,Rachel
5th overall highest scoring senior duet/trio- Let Me Go- Megan, Lucy, Leah
2nd overall highest scoring senior small group -In This World
3rd overall highest scoring senior small group-Watch Over Us
4th overall highest scoring senior small group- Woman
1st overall highest scoring senior large group -24K
3rd overall highest scoring senior large group- Never Met A Wolf
4th overall highest scoring senior large group- Say My Name
1st overall highest scoring teen super group- Speed of Light
1st overall highest scoring senior super group- Break The Cycle
special awards/recognition/ Studio Honors
Grand Finals Scholarship
Out of hundreds of dancers, about 6 are chosen to be awarded with a Grand Finals Scholarship for their solo performances!(Includes-solo entry at nationals/workshop-Dancing in the opening number) -   DC's Ava Batson and Camille Eastin were presented with this scholarship!
Encore Extreme Scholarship
This prestigious scholarship was presented to approximately 6 dancers over the weekend. It is an invitation to attend the encore extreme convention where dancers take master classes and compete in a solo showdown.  The Dancers selected are chosen by the judges for their exceptional and stand-out performances in all of their numbers throughout the weekend!  Congratulations to DC's Jack BeauleKylie Larkin and Rachel Spitzmiller for being awarded this scholarship!

Best Junior Choreography of the competition! 
Judges Choice
"Breath of Fresh Air" award - Speed of Light