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Occasionally, In the process of keeping up with awards announcements, we miss some things. If you see something that we have missed or if we recorded something incorrectly feel free to click "reply to all" and share! 
Here is how we shaped up!
General placement (duet/trios and groups only)
Scores are based on a possible 100 point scale. A 1st place is 90-100 points, a 2nd place is 80-89 points, and a 3rd place is 70-79 points on this scale.
DUET/TRIOS (in order order of performance)
"Three Friends"- 1st place
"Dare"- 1st place
"Bills"- 1st place
"Lanterns Lit"- 1st place
"Lost"- 1st place
"Night Call"- 1st place
"When Your Feet Don't Touch the Ground"- 1st place
"Just One of Those Things"- 1st place
"Let Me Go"- 1st place
"Me and You"- 1st place
"Iron"- 1st place
"Red Dust"- 1st place
"Warm Enough"- 1st place
"When I am Away"- 1st place
GROUPS (in order of performance)
"Hallelujah"- 1st place
"Hearts On Fire"- 2nd place
"Storm"- 1st place
"Saturday Night"- 1st place
"Cheetah Sistas"- 1st place
"Last Day of School"- 1st place
"Who's Watching"- 2nd place
"Tiki Girls"- 1st place
"Stuff Like That There"- 1st place
"Fallin Like Rain"- 1st place
"Soldier"- 2nd place
"Watch Over Us"- 1st place
"Woman"- 1st place
"Shades of Cool"- 1st place
"In This World"- 1st place
"Is it Scary"- 1st place
"The High Road"- 1st place
"Break the Cycle"- 1st place
"Eleanor Rigby"- 1st place
"Let It Go"-1st place
"24 K"- 1st place
"Smash the Place"- 2nd place
"Say My Name"- 1st place
"Sing Sing Sing"- 1st place
"Never Met a Wolf"- 1st place
"Speed of Light"- 1st place
*note to soloists: If you would like your score sheets, they are available at the front office for pick up*
High Scores/special awards/recognition/ Studio Honors
*The awards and scholarships and recognitions given at Dancemakers are few and extremely selective. We are tremendously proud of you for receiving these honors and for your achievements in performance and in classes!
Way to Go DC CO!*
High Scores and Judges recognition:
Junior line Best of Category- "Tiki Girls"
Junior High Score- "Three Friends"
Pre-teen Best of Category- "Stuff Like That There"
Teen line Best of Category- "Eleanor Rigby"
Teen production Best of Category- "Sing Sing Sing"
Senior Duet/ Trio Judges Choice- "When Your Feet Don't Touch the Ground"
Senior line Best of Category- "24K"
Senior production Best of Category- "Let It Go"
Senior High Score- "Never Met a Wolf"
Solo High Scores:
8th runner up highest scoring pre-teen soloist- Bella Salter
6th runner up highest scoring pre-teen soloist- Ava Batson
4th runner up highest scoring pre-teen soloist- Kenzie Robertson
3rd runner up highest scoring pre-teen soloist- Alexis McGuire
1st overall high score pre-teen soloist/free solo entry at nationals!- Isabel Clark
8th runner up highest scoring teen soloist- Katherine Lopata
6th  runner up highest scoring teen soloist- Kaitlyn Hall
2nd  runner up highest scoring teen soloist- Madi Lynch
1st overall high score teen soloist/free solo entry at nationals!- McKenna Greene
9th runner up highest scoring senior soloist- Cailey Campbell
5th runner up highest scoring senior soloist- Lucy Ranson
2nd runner up highest scoring senior soloist- Rachel Spitzmiller
1st runner up highest scoring senior soloist- Megan Turnquist
1st overall high score female senior soloist/free solo entry at nationals!- Rachel Bierly
1st overall high score male senior soloist/free solo entry at nationals!- Jack Beaule
From over 80 group routines performed at Dancemakers, three were given the opportunity to be featured in the closing "Wrap It" ceremony.
"NEVER MET A WOLF" by Dancers Corner was selected to dance again!- Congrats!
From the senior audition class, finalists are chosen to be considered for various scholarships and perform the audition routine in the "Wrap It" ceremony. Of all of the studios in attendance, DC was the most prominently represented studio with scholarship finalists.Congratulations to the following DC CO Senior dancers for "Making the Cut"!
Jack Beaule
Rachel Bierly
Cailey Campbell
Hailey Cooke
Olivia Hopkins
Karmen Ibarra
Ivy Ledford
Lucy Ranson
Rachel Spitzmiller
Megan Turnquist
Leah Wade


Dancemakers awards ONE Full, and ONE Half Scholarship to our Summer Intensive in Los Angeles at Movement Lifestyle Studios. We are so pleased to announce that both were granted to DC dancers! Congratulations to LUCY RANSON for receiving the full Scholarship and IVY LEDFORD for receiving the half scholarship!


This is DM newest scholarship. They have teamed up with their friends at The Giving Keys to give away a key necklace engraved with “Conquer” accompanied with a Nationals Scholarship to an exceptional dancer. Congratulations to our CAILEY CAMPBELL for receiving this honor!

Retter Scholarships

One week scholarships to Retter’s Academy of Dance in Los Angeles, CA are be awarded to students from the Senior Audition Class. Congratulations to ourHAILEY COOKE and MEGAN TURNQUIST for being awarded with the Retter Scholarships!

Regional Scholarship-Steven Boyd

In honor of late DM faculty member Mr. Steven Boyd, Regional Scholarships are be awarded to an outstanding student from the Senior Audition Class. Congratulations to our RACHEL BIERLY for earning this high honor!

Movement Lifestyle Scholarship

This scholarship, awarded to outstanding students, is valid for 10 classes at the Movement Lifestyle studio in Los Angeles, CA. Congratulations to our JACK BEAULE and KARMEN IBARRA for earning this scholarship!
Dancers who show exceptional talent are selected to receive regional scholarships to attend any regional event free of charge! Congratulations to our AVA BATSON and LEAH WADE for being recognized with regional scholarships! 

National Scholarships

Each core faculty member selects ONE dancer from each level from their classes for a scholarship to the Nationals convention (Value- $300.00)!
Tommy Alexander's Teen selection was -ISABEL CLARK
Matt Tseng's Senior selection was- OLIVIA HOPKINS
Seth Zibalese's Teen selection was- LIDDY MADELINE
Dejan Tubic's Junior selection was- MOLLY WILBOURNE
Dejan Tubic's Senior selection was- IVY LEDFORD
Robert Roldan's Senior selection was - KARMEN IBARRA
.... to our AMAZING Miss Kendal Beacham who is a member of the 2015- 2016 Dancemakers Collective. You were an absolute pro as an assistant and at working the competition! We are so proud of you! It was so inspiring to see you utilize your exceptional talents to reach other young dancers who aspire to be just like you! We all got to se how hard you work every single weekend and were so impressed by your strength, patience and love of dance and helping others.You are doing such incredible work with DM. We love you and we thank you for helping to make Dancemakers such an uplifting and organized event! Good luck with the rest of the tour!